Heena (Dwivedy)

Realtor, Columbia River Realty
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"Learn as if you were to live forever." (Gandhi)

Immigrating to the USA at a young age, Heena was introduced to libraries in elementary school. It was in the libraries with the help of supportive librarians—and the Dewey Decimal System—that she navigated new worlds, learned new skills and dreamed new adventures.

Heena moved to Washington in late 2011 from California, and quickly got involved in volunteering in the local communities. She is currently the President of the Downtown Washougal Association and an active participant and supporter of many other local organizations. Heena was an entrepreneur for over 20 years as a compliance consultant, and today she is still an entrepreneur as a Realtor with Columbia River Realty in Washougal.

Heena is currently owned by her two feline fur kids, enjoys reading, considers laughter as exercise, often gets lost in nature, and thoroughly enjoys smelling lots of roses and watching as many sunsets and moon rises as possible.

Why the Library: 
"The library is a meeting place where stories are shared to grow, expand, and transport our minds and hearts. Magic happens at libraries."