Board of Directors

Lindsay Fisher
Vice President of Administration, Evergreen Memorial Gardens
Why the Library: 
"I volunteer with the library because it brings back fond memories, and I want the same opportunities for my children. The library is a gathering place for the entire community where the adventures found in books are endless."
Becky Rude
In-House General Counsel for Hurley Development
Why the Library: 
"The library is a gathering place for the community, a safe space that fosters intellectual development, innovation, creativity, and the exploration and exchange of ideas. Libraries are gateways to possibility and I believe they are fundamental to the fabric of a healthy society."
Nancy Gaston
Self-Employed - Trainer, Gifts Differing
Why the Library: 
"The library is essential to an informed and engaged community. It offers a safe place to gather, to learn and to expand one’s horizons. And besides, my local community branch is quite wonderful."
Rich Koplan
Community Member - Retired
Why the Library: 
"I am deeply committed to FVRL. I am extremely proud to serve on the Board, and hope to for as long as I am wanted."
Barbara Selstad
Community Member, Business Owner - Retired
Why the Library: 
"It's the most dependable and enjoyable place for the citizens of our communities."
Dark red background with black silhouette of female, apparently looking straight ahead
Realtor, Columbia River Realty
Why the Library: 
"The library is a meeting place where stories are shared to grow, expand, and transport our minds and hearts. Magic happens at libraries."
Blue background with black silhouette of male apparently facing forward
Owner, Paul Montague Tax Preparation, LLC
Why the Library: 
"Libraries hold our collective knowledge and wisdom and make it available to anyone, regardless of race, color, creed, background or place in society. Through that knowledge and wisdom, new opportunities, new careers and new ideas are formed that help us build new futures."
Director of Business Development, Invest West Management
Why the Library: 
"I love the library because as part of a military family, moving was a part of my childhood. The library was my refuge when I moved to a new area, full of wonderful stories, activities and the friendly library staff who all made me feel at home."
Owner, Farmers Insurance Agency
Why the Library: 
"Every individual on this planet needs to have access to reading.  Of all the skills our children learn, reading is the most important.  I have seen what worlds reading can open up for both my children and myself. Learning is a lifetime task and given that the library should be a focus point for the community."